Advantages of Underfloor Heating

In times of economic stress, where money isn't stretching as far as it once did, it can be tempting to consider underfloor heating an unnecessary luxury.

For many, the cost of installing underfloor heating is too expensive. While this makes sense on a surface level, many don't appreciate how much underfloor heating can save you money.

Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible home heating types available on the Irish market. While installation may seem prohibitively expensive, we argue that your savings on your annual energy bills will offset this investment within a few short years. In this blog, we want to focus on the many advantages of underfloor heating. We also wish to discuss how underfloor heating is a money-saving home improvement option.


Different types of underfloor heating

Before we discuss the advantages of underfloor heating, we must understand the different types. Generally, underfloor heating falls into two distinctive types. There is hydronic and electric underfloor heating.


Hydronic underfloor heating

Much like traditional wall-mounted radiators, hydronic systems use water-filled pipes installed underneath the floor, which are heated using a boiler system.


Electric underfloor heating

Instead of pipes, the electric system uses wires installed underneath the floorboards. These wires use electricity to generate heat.


Advantage 1: Energy-efficient heating

As stated in the opening paragraph, the significant advantage of underfloor heating is energy efficiency. Due to how heat rises, the temperature underfloor heating pipes or wires need to rise to is significantly lower than that of traditional wall-mounted radiators. A boiler or an electrical system doesn't need to expend that much energy for underfloor heating to heat to a comfortable temperature. You should expect to see significant savings on an annual energy bill by using less energy.


Advantage 2: No Cold Spots

Almost every home that uses traditional radiators is subject to cold spots within a room. Cold spots occur due to how convex radiators work. Traditional radiators heat the air around them first. This often means that the air in the middle of a room is cold while the area around a radiator is hot. This, of course, leads to cold spots. However, this is not the case with an underfloor heating system. The entire floor area is warmed, and this heat rises, simultaneously warming up the whole room. Underfloor heating makes cold spots a thing of the past.


Advantage 3: No maintenance

Once installed, an underfloor heating system is almost entirely maintenance-free. Their modern build means they have an incredibly long service life. All underfloor heating systems installed by RS plumbing come with full warranties.


Advantage 4: Design freedom

Even modern wall-mounted and vertical radiators take up space within a room. They limit the interior design options as furniture needs to be carefully placed around the radiator. This is not the case with underfloor heating. No radiators on the wall allow for the most design freedom possible. Also, underfloor heating works with nearly all floor types, including wood, laminate, tile, stone, carpet and more.


Advantage 5: Better Air Quality

Unlike some other heating options, underfloor heating is one of the best for air quality. As warm air rises from the floor, it keeps the air in the room fresh and oxygen-rich.


Advantage 6: Ease of installation

Underfloor heating is incredibly straightforward to install. It's suitable for both new builds or retrofitted to existing properties. RS plumbing and heating can offer fast installation, ensuring the minimum disruption is caused to your property.

The above is just some of the many advantages of underfloor heating. If you're considering installing underfloor heating on your property, please get in touch with our team of experts today. We can advise on the correct type of underfloor heating for your needs and offer a free installation quote.



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