How to maximise the return on investment of a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is about so much more than simply the aesthetics and features of a bathroom.

While a beautiful bathroom with modern conveniences like a heated towel rack or even a smart mirror can certainly add to a person's quality of life, a new, fully renovated bathroom can also significantly increase the resale value of a property. Therefore if you intend to sell your property someday, you should consider optimising the renovation to maximise your return on investment.

Consider it from a buyer's perspective. If a buyer was assessing a property and found the bathroom was old and unappealing, they would likely consider renovating it themselves. This additional expense would likely be reflected in their offer.

Even if your property isn't for sale, and you're considering a bathroom renovation, it's always best to have a return on investment mindset. This doesn't mean you can't get the bathroom of your dreams; it just ensures the bathroom will add to the overall value of your home.

Tips on maximising a bathroom renovation

The good news is that renovating a bathroom with a return on investment in mind is not that different from a typical renovation. You want to consider good quality fixtures and, of course, a high standard of craftsmanship. Renovating a bathroom is always significant; therefore, you never want to undermine this expense with poor materials and substandard quality. Coming from a return on investment mindset, you always want to ensure you can recoup the money you invest in the bathroom on the property's resale. While it can be tempting to cut costs on substandard materials, this will likely mean you'll have to again renovate your bathroom in a couple of years. This added expense will undermine your return on investment. Therefore it's best to invest significantly in your bathroom renovation the first time.

So probably the most crucial tip when renovating a bathroom is always to choose quality and professional craftsmanship.

The importance of light

Whether you live in a large 5-bedroom or even a tiny apartment, any size bathroom can be made to appear larger by carefully manipulating light. Therefore it's best to go for bright tiles and fixtures.

Natural light

If your bathroom has a window, ensure that your design doesn't prevent natural light from entering the space. The natural light that does enter can also be enhanced through the careful use of mirrors.

Light colour fixtures and tiles

Always avoid dark or dull tiles and fixtures. A bathroom needs to be bright and airy; therefore, consider vivid colours.

Bright floor tiles

Sometimes, people opt for darker floor tiles to hide dirt and stains more effectively. While this is true, it can also make a space dull, cramped, and dark. Therefore even with the floor tiles, consider radiant, inviting colours.

If possible, install double sinks

Again, always think from the buyer's perspective. Often a property is purchased by a couple; therefore, making a few concessions to a couple's needs will help to drive up the resale value significantly. Thus if space allows, we recommend installing a double sink. The double sink is convenient, flexible, and always a feature an estate agent will focus on.

A wet room

From a convenience point of view, few things are better than a wet room. If your bathroom space is small, it may be better suited to a wet room. A wet room often gets a lot of attention from estate agents and can help finalise a sale.

Looking at the latest trends

Because renovating a bathroom is a significant undertaking, bathroom design trends tend to stick for years. Therefore during your renovation, we would recommend paying attention to the latest bathroom trends. Pick modern features like heated racks or even a smart mirror. These trends will likely still be sought after in years to come, so your bathroom will retain a modern aesthetic.

Neutral design

Suppose you have a particularly quirky sense of interior design. In that case, it may be best to express this in other rooms within the property. Remember you're designing from a return on investment point of view, so you want to create a neutral look that will appeal to the broadest audience possible.

The above are just some starting tips when beginning a bathroom renovation. Please contact us today to discuss renovating your bathroom with our team of experts. We handle all aspects of the bathroom renovation and can provide free, no-obligation quotes.



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